Frequent sex improves sperm

Sex every day improves the quality of sperm and makes spermatozoa more active, scientists say. The study of men with low fertility showed that daily ejaculation within a week leads to an improvement in the quality of sperm. Speaking at a scientific conference on fertility, Dr. David Greening from Australia advised all men and women: to have sex at least every two to three days. Preliminary test results show that this practice yields positive results. Observation of 118 men allowed scientists to better understand how the quality of sperm is improving. Speaking at the conference of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, Dr. Greening of the Sydney IVF Medical Center reported that in eight of the 10 men who participated in the experiments, DNA defects in sperm per week decreased by 12%. Although the number of spermatozoa this week fell from 180 million to 70 million, men still retained the ability to fertilize.

At the same time, spermatozoids became more active. According to scientists, the longer the sperm is in the testicles of a man, the more likely that DNA will be damaged. It remains to be seen whether daily sex is useful to men who have no problems with fertilization. Dr. Greening believes that, most likely, useful. However, he warns that daily sex for too long a period of time – for example, two weeks – will lead to too much reduction in the number of spermatozoa. The conclusions of David Greening may affect the treatment of infertility. Now men are usually told that they should abstain from sex a couple of days to increase the number of sperm.

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